Amy Dillon - CCW Style

Amy Dillon

CCWstyle is the passion of Amy Dillon. Amy served 12 years on active-duty and is a United States Marine Corps veteran. She is a former Marine Corps Drill Instructor and Combat Marksmanship Instructor. Amy travels frequently across the country and makes multiple appearances for her work as a Firearms Instructor, 2nd Amendment advocate, as well as competing in multiple shooting competitions nationwide. As a freelance writer, Amy contributes articles related to gun laws and gun topics to various media publications. She is involved with several organizations in efforts to positively influence legislation in support of upholding the 2nd Amendment. She resides in South Carolina.
After attending numerous regional and national firearm shows including SHOT, USCCA Expo, NRA Annual Meeting, and the Great American Outdoor Show… Amy noticed the emerging trend of Female CCW apparel. 


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