What is provides the best selection and price for female concealed-carry apparel.

Why do we Exist?
We exist to welcome, educate, and equip the civilian female in the self-defense/CCW lifestyle.

Our Goal
Our goal is for to become the one-stop-shop for female CCW apparel and a trusted source for female focused self-defense education.

Meet the Team


Amy Dillon

Amy is a USMC veteran, competitive shooter, and firearms instructor. Amy is the driving force behind and has made it her mission to empower and equip women to assume the self- defense lifestyle...

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Jarrad Markel

Years of experience producing, directing, and distributing all manner of digital media led him to be the C.O.O. at Student of the Gun and owner of Think On! Productions. As a certified email marketing specialist, Markel has...

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Blog posts

Children and Firearms Safety

Children and Firearms Safety

When it comes to children and firearms, education is key. Although not every child is ready to receive hands-on education, safety is something that...
Self-Defense items when traveling

Self-Defense items when traveling

Amy shows you items she packed for self-defense for a 2-week backpacking trip in Europe. All items are TSA-friendly! Have you entered our current g...
*NEW* Questions Page on and Info on Renewing Your Permit (VIDEO)

*NEW* Questions Page on and Info on Renewing Your Permit (VIDEO)

In this video, Amy introduces the new Questions Page on and talks about how to find information on renewing concealed weapons permits...



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